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Deepavali Vedukalu 2019 - Koti Live Concert
Sat, Nov 9th 2019, @5:00pm
Rukmini Kalyanam Dance Ballet 2019
Sun, Oct 20th 2019, @4:30pm

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The Telugu Association of North Texas (TANTEX) was formed in 1986 as a non-profit, non-religious organization by immigrant Telugu people in the United States with South Asian roots.

It was mainly an initiative to understand the difficulties faced by the Telugu immigrants in Texas and address it in a way to integrate the Telugu community into the main stream American society. TANTEX evolved into a medium of promoting the Telugu culture, education and the community affairs and activities.

Apart from these activities TANTEX also airs Telugu programs on air on regional radio channels in Dallas (and across the US) with Radio Salaam Namaste and Fun Asia for a few hours every weekend.

TANTEX evolved into a very organized structure. It is governed by President and an Executive Committee. All these members are elected by volunteers over an annual election. The term is the calender year. This executive committee is comprised and supported by many sub-committees. They vary from Cultural, Communication, Reception to Technology related. Many members on an ongoing basis register and be a part of the organization. To become a member one has to pay the membership fee per event basis. Membership can be paid per individual or per family basis.

TANTEX celebrated its silver jubilee with a blast on July 8–9, 2011.The event was held on Black Academy of arts and letters, Dallas convention Center, Theatre Complex.