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Latest TANTEX Events

NNTV 146
Sat, Sep 28th 2019, @11:00am
Rukmini Kalyanam Dance Ballet 2019
Sun, Oct 20th 2019, @4:30pm

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Ekal - Riyaaz
Fri, Oct 4th 2019, @8:00pm

Latest Events in Town

Mehta Jewellary 2019
Mon, Sep 23rd 2019, @10:00am

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Spoorthi was founded on the vision to create a platform for the younger generation of the TANTEX membership. It serves to grow our youth into leaders who can be successful and recognized and make a difference not only in their schools but also in their extracurricular, community, respective careers and personal lives while staying true to our roots.

Activities include service projects, tutoring, mentorship, quarterly educational forums, private instruction in athletics and the arts, volunteering at TANTEX events, radio-hosting, film-making and so much more!

LEADING our Mission
SERVING our Community and TANTEX
EDUCATING our Peers and Followers

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