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Mothers Day 2019
Sun, May 12th 2019, @11:01am
Tennis 2019
Sat, Apr 20th 2019, @08:00am
CPR Training 2019
Sat, Apr 6th 2019, @09:30am
Table Tennis Tournament 2019
Sun, Mar 31st 2019, @08:00am
Ugadi Entry Form 2019
Fri, Mar 22nd 2019, @11:59pm
Ugadi Utsavaalu 2019
Sat, Apr 13th 2019, @5:02pm

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Youth & Sports

The objective of the Tantex Youth Sports is to give a physical outlet through games and sports. We should hope that they would have fun and an enriching experience while playing and participating in the game. In no way Tantex Youth & Sports events are designed for “Pro-Type” player. The events are set up and organized with the enjoyment of the members as the sole basis.

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