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Ever since the TANTEX has been constituted in the year 1986, the elections were held for the first time in its history with two groups namely Protect Tantex and Better Tantex, contesting for the 16 EC positions on Dec 6th, 2008 held at DFW Hindu Temple, Irving, TX.  After years of hope and hard work, Dallas Fort Worth TANTEX Members had chosen a progressive Protect Tantex Team for the EC 2009.

A hard fought election has generated huge amount of interest and attention among Telugu community, in and out of Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex with both contesting groups involved in intense and vigorous campaign.   Contrary to apprehensions of some section of the member community, the election was conducted in very democratic fashion with both contesting parties showing lot of restrain and respect for each other.

Nomination committee, which oversaw the election process, has done excellent job in providing appropriate atmosphere for peaceful elections, which took more than 17 hours to conclude.

During the victory celebrations, the newly elected EC Team thanked the members and volunteers at large who contributed their might towards the successful election of the new EC Team and for their tremendous sacrifices at this hour in protecting the integrity of the TANTEX making every one proud.

The Newly Elected EC said that "We are not asking you to believe in our ability to progress the organization but we are asking you to believe in yours and with you all in an advisory role, with a constructive feedback, together we will achieve the goals of TANTEX."

In his address to the gathering at the victory celebrations, TANTEX President 2009, Mr. Sridhar Reddy Korsapati, thanked the Telugu Community who had rendered wholehearted support to the Protect TANTEX Team in their fight inch-by-inch and often hand-to-hand in protecting the 22 years old vibrant organization “TANTEX”.

The following Protect TANTEX T.E.A.M (Trustworty Exceptional Accountable Members) won the Elections for the year 2009 with Democratic Autonomy, Ethics and Moral values.